Alpine Living




Who are We and What are we about?


Alpine living is owned and operated by Carlie and Michael Evans, Building in Canberra and Wollongong and both surrounding areas. Michael has been in the construction industry since 1998 with his first job in his father's company as an apprentice, Since then Michael has built around 60 houses, 9 NSW and 19 ACT department of housing units, 2 school buildings and worked on many commercial worksites in Wollongong and Canberra. Working for and Contracting to many of the major builders Michael has an in-depth knowledge in his industry, Michael is a licenced carpenter and builder, holding an Advance diploma in Construction Managment, He also holds a Certificate IV in NatHERS Assesment, Allowing him to ensure maximum energy efficiency in the homes he builds Alpine living is a custom home builder focusing on Sustainable building and living, ensuring

  • minimal waste is produced in the construction process

  • any waste produced is recycled when possible

  • materials are sourced from sustainable forests

We also use the latest as well as proven materials and design concepts to ensure an energy efficient home into the future such as


Feel free to contact us to discuss your build on 0408029850